Holistic Performance
NZD 199.00

Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition

In this course, Cliff Harvey PhD (c) explain the 'carbohydrate appropriate' approach to nutrition. This method breaks down the barriers between low-carb, high-carb, and everything in between, to help you find YOUR 'best-fit' diet.

NZD 780.00

Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

A certificate in anatomy and physiology to help you understand the structure and function of the human body. Ideal for coaches, athletes, and those wanting to go on to higher levels of study.

NZD 199.00

How to become an evidence-based practitioner: Reading, understanding, and applying research to your ...

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In this course, Eric Helms PhD, practitioner-researcher extraordinaire shows how you can become an evidence-based practice superstar.

HPN Introduction

Free sample lesson for those interested in the HPN Course. HPN founder Cliff Harvey takes you through a brief introduction to the HPN philosophy and where the college is headed over the coming years.

NZD 499.00


In Keto-Mastery, ketosis researcher and clinical nutritionist Cliff Harvey will help you to cut the BS and learn the science of ketogenic nutrition for a range of health and performance outcomes.
[17.5 REPS CPD points]

NZD 499.00

Time Rich Practice: How to start a cashflow rich business in health and performance.

A business course with a difference! All-killer, no-filler advice, group coaching and mentoring, for starting and succeeding in the business of health! Created and taught by health entrepreneur, author, and practitioner, Cliff Harvey.

NZD 1560.00

Certificate in Foundations of Nutrition Science

This certificate course introduces the science of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the human body, alongside an introduction to nutrition sciences.

Learning Path
NZD 3900.00

Graduate Certificate in Holistic Performance Nutrition (Grad.Cert.HPN)

Next intake begins January 20th
60 credit, Level 7 Graduate Certificate in Holistic Performance Nutrition. Teaching the fundamentals of nutrition for the support of health and the improvement of performance.

Learning Path
The Holistic Performance Institute provides graduate level courses in Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Health-Care practice and business, and Mind-Body Techniques for superior health and performance.